Merry LEGO-mas!

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As you know, dear readers, LEGO produces a number of lovely festive products just for the Christmas season. However they can be hard to come by in Australian bricks and mortar stores. I’ve been hunting for the best price on the Advent Calendars for my two boys, so I thought I’d do a quick post on the various seasonal LEGO sets and where you can get them from.

Sadly it’s hard to get 2824 LEGO® City Advent Calendar anywhere near its RRP on the LEGO site.

Aussie store Toys Etc has an interesting offer where you get a free 7952 LEGO® Kingdoms Advent Calendar if you spend over $100 on LEGO. Not a bad deal at all! (UPDATE: this offer is now over)

Set RRP Pieces Minifigs Where?
2824 LEGO® City
Advent Calendar
$29.99 271 6 Brick City Supplies: $41.99
Cityscape: $44.95
Just Bricks: $54.95
Fishpond: $57.40
6299 LEGO® Pirates
Advent Calendar
?? (2009) 148 8 Aussie BrickMart: $55.00
Just Bricks: $69.95
7952 LEGO® Kingdoms
Advent Calendar
$39.99 167 9 BrickNet: $34.95
Toys Etc: $35.95
Yogee Toys: $39.90
Bricks To The World: $39.95
Cheeky Junior: $39.99
Imagine If Toys: $39.99
Just Bricks: $39.99
Toy Corner: $39.99
10199 Winter Toy Shop $109.99 815 7 Collect & Play: $99.00
Cheeky Junior: $134.99
Just Bricks: $139.95
10216 Winter Village Bakery $94.99 687 A Brick At Work: $110.00
Cheeky Junior: $134.99
Just Bricks: $139.95

There’s a few on the LEGO Shop that I haven’t seen in any Australian LEGO stores, including 40009 LEGO® Holiday Building Set, 853036 LEGO® Holiday Stocking and 852744 LEGO® Holiday Ornaments.

Merry festive season to all! (Not that it’s December yet, mind)

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  1. pocketdynamo says:

    I’ve just received this years advent calendar (city) for $30AUD delivered from It took about two weeks to arrive.

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