LEGO® On the Loose in Sydney

Written by Emilyjem

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Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World have teamed up with LEGO® for a big school holiday event in Sydney called On the Loose. There will be several huge LEGO® creations, a LEGO® playroom and a FREE world exclusive LEGO® Minifigure on arrival (but only for kids, so make sure to bring someone aged 4 -15 with you!). It starts on 22 December.

Here’s the TV commercial:

The models on display have been built by LEGO Master Builders and include Neptune, a mermaid and a great white shark (at Sydney Aquarium), and an “Aussie adventurer”, a boxing kangaroo and Burke & Wills (!!) at Sydney Wildlife World. Here’s a cool time lapse video of the kangaroo being built.

Their newspaper ad also says “take part in one of the biggest LEGO® events the world has ever seen” but I can’t find more details on their website.

Anything like this happening in other Aussie cities?

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  1. kiggalls says:

    The “take part in one of the biggest LEGO® events the world has ever seen” – is making a mural in January

  2. Tim says:

    The Sydney Aquarium Facebook page has got a few shots of their models arriving.

  3. LegoFan says:

    Stop Press! There’s a Lego Store in Sydney – It’s right in front of the Sydney Aquarium’s entrance at Darling Harbour. Only a limited range of products available for sale. The shop is small and there is only one shopkeeper when I visited there.

    Themes include Star Wars, City, Duplo, Atlantis and Lego books published by DK. I couldnt see any exclusives or hard-to-find products in store. No key chains, no collectible minifigures. Most of them are selling at Australia’s RRP. I didnt ask the checkout girl whether it’s a permanent lego shop or it’s just there for the “on the loose” exhibition.

  4. emilyjem says:

    Wow! Thanks for the info. I will have to check it out, even though it sounds relatively boring – it’s still a LEGO Store!

  5. Craig says:

    The most important question is – Does it have a pick-a-brick wall?

  6. LegoFan says:

    @Craig. No, it doesnt have a PAB wall.

  7. Userdaddy says:

    Could this have something to do with the news in the SMH business section about the group behind Legoland has bought the Sydney Aquarium?

  8. emilyjem says:

    Yes very intriguing isn’t it?

  9. Brett says:

    Today visited the Wild life world and the Aquarium. Took a little one and she ( WELL I CLAIMED IT ) got a minifig. A cowboy style version of Crocodile Dundee.
    I asked for 1 and was told no since I had a child with me, the same minifig is available at each place, I know because I asked and saw the box.

    As previously stated here the Store is not cheap, just full retail price. Seemed to have Aquarius, some City and the World racers sets, lots of books, but our local Target has them from time to time anyway.

    The Large Lego displays are Awsome. These things are 20000+ bricks. from memory theere was at Wildlife world a cowboy on a horse at the entry, a pair of Butterflies near the butterfly display then the boxing Kangaroo with the guy being hit having a back eye, a lego guy holding a snake, Caveman with a spear attacking a croc ( the croc is the display for the exibit ) , Burke and Wills and a camel, Lego Family, well mum and the kids dad is taking a photograph, then a cowboy with a bullock type animal.

    The Aquarium had a King Trient ant the entry then, a sailor, Great white shark, a brilliant mural, a man with a penguin, Mermaid, Diver, Killer whales tail!, Moby dick (made from Duplo) and another giant Mural.

    Well worth the look if you have never been, we actually prebooked on line and midded the giant line up to purchase ticks there.

    Myer city store had on display a model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge ( Thats what LEGO should do next!! ) and a Monkey, also a little set up of a house and an Airport.
    Nothing spectacular for sale, they did have about 100 FIre Station 10197 if there happens to be a sale coming up.

    Well thats my report

  10. Annie says:

    So finally got the chance to visit this exhibition and took a stack of pictures. I really enjoyed the “Burke & Wills” setup.

    The LEGO shop opposite has no more pieces than your average Big W or KMart. It has now mainly Town and Atlantis and all the sticker/building activity books. I am a Castle collector, and was disappointed to find only 7955 Wizard.

    I finally purchased “The LEGO Book” (Dorling Kindersly Publishers: 2009) and have been thoroughly devouring the A4 pages and although I (lie to think?) I know alot about Castle history, I don’t know much about the history of Lego itself, and I’m really enjoying learning about Ole Kirk Christiansen himself and the company. I especially relished the separate “Standing Small” history of minifigs book. I enjoy seeing some of my favourite minifigs gracing the pages as 1996 male doctor and 1990 waiter.

    See my album of pictures:

    May you always be inspired to build Lego.

  11. Annie says:

    Oops wrong website link for myself, sorry for the double post!

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