Legoland Buys Sydney Aquarium

Written by Emilyjem

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The private company behind Legoland has purchased Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Wildlife World and the Sydney Tower Observation Deck from Village Roadshow. The deal includes ”an understanding to consider” developing brands such as Legoland in Australia. I can’t help but wonder how all this ties in with the major LEGO events happening at Sydney Aquarium this summer, including the opening of a LEGO Store outside the Aquarium, spotted by BDU reader LegoFan on Friday.

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the Aquarium will be replaced with a Legoland, but definitely it’s a positive sign for the further development of LEGO attractions in Australia.

Read the full story here.

UPDATE: BDU reader Marty reports that “The Darling Harbour Lego store is temporary and staffed by aquarium staff. Poor range aimed at very young kids”. Still, hopefully it is a sign of better things to come.

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  1. Ben says:

    A lego store in australia? Out more specifically, sydney? That would be fantastic! =D

  2. Rohan says:

    BOOH YEAH. and I’m going to sydney in january. I hope they have pick a brick.

    I’ve noticed lego stepping up its advertising here. Bus stop posters, billboards all over town, etc.

  3. Oggy says:

    Hope they buy the Melbourne aquarium too, 3 hrs is better than 8 hrs to travel. Hope they do online orders at a reasonable and competitive price as well.

  4. Brad says:

    Yeah lots of LEGO advertising around the city at train stations etc. So looks like they’ll introduce LEGO to Sydney with the aquarium and wildlife expo then maybe open a LEGO store then hopefully re-develop the Wildlife and Aquarium worlds into one big LEGOLAND! How cool would that be!
    Finish there and go to the newly developed Hard Rock shop in Harbourside with the Cafe to be built upstairs next year :)

  5. emilyjem says:

    @Rohan There is no pick a brick at the moment, just LEGO sets at RRP. Still, it’s a start!

    @Brad I kind of like the Aquarium and Wildlife World! Maybe they could replace the Sydney Tower Observation deck with a Legoland instead? ;-)

  6. Sydney Bear says:

    i wouldnt get to excited. the same company’s biggest business interest is the largest chain of aquariums around the world (sea life) along with other animal attractions and theme parks etc. my wifes sister works there the word is that the lego thing has been planned for ages. and if you read the news stories the deal wont even happen until next year anyway. the aquarium are also advertising that they have a master builder from lego taking part in their exhibit. am i right in thinking the legoland people build their own stuff and have nothing to do with legos own workshops?

  7. es09 says:

    im going today !!!!!!!

  8. Loves Elmo and Now Lego too says:

    We went to the Aquarium & Wildlife yesterday. Good exhibit but would’ve been great to have more. No minifigs sold. Staff won’t give you the free exclusive minifig if you don’t ask for it.

    The only best thing is finding HP The Burrow and HP Hagrid’s Hut which were all sold out on shops! So still a happy ending.

  9. el QUaG says:

    ^ I visited the Aquarium gift store today hoping to kop a minifgure or something cheap, and noted the HP sets for sale which was unexpected. The Lego dedicated gift store (as opposed to the small section in the Wildlife Park gift store) is stocking mostly Atlantis sets and piles of Lego books including the 2011 annual, sticker collections etc etc. Nothing exciting at all!
    Lines were massively long, so I would encourage buying tickets online prior to arrival for the exhibit. TLG is pushing all mass media given its school holidays. At 1pm, the line was stretched down the wharf (and it’s a hot area along Cocklybay facing north). I noted there were a lot of adults in line, and hardly any kids — whether it was a case of their kids waiting in the food court area (where King Neptune display can be viewed for free) I’m not entirely sure.
    Personally, I just want the exclusive free minifigure, but the price for entry is quite steep! I’m going to wait until 12 January when the massive Lego mural is underway for visitors.

  10. LegoFan says:

    Thanks for news. How much disounts on the HP sets?
    Can someone post the picture of the exclusive minifigure here in BDU? Thanks

  11. Blain says:

    Went yesterday. Busy, but really enjoyed it. The models are great and the kids got minifigs. We bought the unlimited pass which is really really good value. 59 bucks and gets you into aquarium, wildlife centre, centrepoint tower and ocesnworld in manly as many timed as you want till july. Its only 40 for kids. We’ll go back for the mural too.

  12. I went there today and found that the lego store has all 2010 stock nothing much but atlantis and sticker books which i found very disappointing because i was hoping to find the new 2011 sets. The lego exculsive minifigure that i was supposed to receive was not there either which was a massive upset ( considering thats the main reason i went) if anyone received it could they upload a picture of it plez as for the sculptures they were stunning unfortunatley people have started stealing bits off of it :(

  13. ZimDownUnder says:

    Spoke to Ryan McNaught (how cool was the LoveBoat?) at Brickvention yesterday and he confirmed that Lego had bough interests in property in the Sydney Aquarium site. He said it would most likely be 2 to 3 years before they would develop anything as they are establishing LegoLands in other regions at the moment including Malaysia.

  14. Mego says:

    Lego have not bought Sydney Attractions Group. It’s Merlin Entertainments who are part owned by the Kirkbi family behind Lego. Merlin have the rights to Legoland parks and discovery centres amongst other things. They also run the biggest chain of aquariums in the world. The aquarium will be staying as an aquarium and the wildlife zoo nextdoor will be staying too.

  15. Amy says:

    there used to be legoland when i was a kid at birken head point now its gone i want find another one or open new one so can take my son !!! was awesome!! pics of my brother & i in lego castles looking through the window n stuff

  16. Stephen says:

    Store has closed down, very disappointing

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