David Jones: 20% off LEGO®

David Jones have 20% off LEGO® in store and online at the moment, as part of their Winter clearance, even though this is not mentioned in their latest catalogue. It’s not clear how long this will last so it’s the quick and the dead!

Thanks to Haggis, LegoFan and Lambringo for the news.

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  1. Camo:

    New Star Wars Lego Sets available to buy at Shop at Home in Australia, they don’t seem to be available in any other country yet. The prices are just ridiculously high

  2. Raven:

    They’re out in Target and some Big W stores.

    Hopefully they’ll be in David Jones soon for the 20% sale and Myer for the 25%.

  3. D:

    I was in DJs today and the new SW and Creator sets (Hillside and Lighthouse) were indeed on shelves and at 20% off :)

  4. duilim:

    @D – which DJ’s store was that? Mine only had old stuff……

  5. D:

    Bondi Junction in Sydney.

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